Noel Family (2023)


Noel Family

Mom recently started a new job; they are settling into a new home and love to do family movie night so candies and snacks would be appreciated. Currently on track to do homeownership with our program.

4 year old girl

CLOTHING: Children’s size 5-6 in clothes and a size 10 shoe INTERESTS: Anything Barbies, loves books, baby dolls, all stuffed animals, Yoda, Gabbi Doll house, Pet Alive, cheerleader stuff.

7 year old boy

CLOTHING: Boys size 10-12 pants and shirts and a 3 in shoes INTERESTS: Loves football stuff, spy gear, baseball things, Robux, binoculars, and remote control monster trucks.

9 year old boy

CLOTHING: Boys size 10-12 clothes and a 3 in shoes INTERESTS: Anything action figures (loves the villains in movies), he loves video games and has a Nintendo Switch, he likes Fortnite stuff and anything with Among Us characters; Pokémon, spider control car and stuffed animals.

10 year old girl

CLOTHING: Size 10/12 in pants and shirts. Wears a size 3 in shoes INTERESTS: Loves makeup, sketch books, sleeping masks, craft stuff, art supplies, big stuffed animals. Any kind of face masks or beauty products.

13 year old girl

CLOTHING: Size0-2 pants in juniors and size small shirt in juniors Size 8 in shoes. INTERESTS: Loves anything Five Nights at Freddie’s especially the Sun and Moon plush from them. Really wants leg warmers with stars on them, Poskie markers, any kind of art supplies, and journals.


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