New ‘Smart Mask’ Translates Speech into 8 Languages
Coronavirus particle, illustration. Different strains of coronavirus are responsible for diseases such as the common cold, gastroenteritis and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). A new coronavirus (2019-CoV) emerged in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The virus causes a mild respiratory illness that can develop into pneumonia and be fatal in some cases. The coronaviruses take their name from their crown (corona) of surface proteins, which are used to attach and penetrate their host cells. Once inside the cells, the particles use the cells' machinery to make more copies of the virus.

Although health officials say wearing face coverings could save lives, a robotics company in Japan has invented a mask that does a whole lot more.
Created by Donut Robotics, the C-Face Smart Mask transcribes dictation, amplifies its wearer’s voice, connects to its wearer’s smart phone via Bluetooth and translates speech into eight different languages, the company says. One thing it doesn’t do, however, is prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Donut officials say the new smart mask is meant to be worn over a standard face mask.
The C-Face Smart Mask, which will be priced somewhere between $40 and $50, is expected to arrive in stores this December, the company says.

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