Movies Will Have to Meet New Diversity Requirements to Win a Best Picture Oscar

The Motion Picture Academy is taking concrete steps to address diversity controversy.

Starting in 2024, any movie nominated for Best Picture has to meet two of four new diversity standards. Here they are:

Standard #1:  At least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors must be from underrepresented racial or ethnic groups…

OR at least 30% of all actors in secondary or minor roles…

OR a main storyline, theme, or narrative must be centered on an underrepresented group.

Standard #2:  Establishes a similar standard of diversity for creative leadership and crew roles.

Standard #3:  Requires that the film provide paid apprenticeship and internship opportunities to underrepresented groups, or training opportunities and skills development for underrepresented crew.

Standard #4:  Requires that a film’s marketing, publicity and distribution have multiple in-house senior executives from underrepresented groups.


(Source: USA Today)

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