More Than Half of Us Believe Space Aliens Probably Exist

A lot has changed over the past 25 years, including Americans’ belief in EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

In a new poll, 57% of Americans say that aliens definitely or probably exist, compared to just 25% who DON’T believe in aliens. The other 19% aren’t sure.

Back in 1996, a similar poll on UFOs found that just 20% of people believed that aliens were responsible for the supposed UFO sightings. While a whopping 51% believed there was a natural scientific explanation. 29% weren’t sure.

7% of Americans believe we will “definitely” make contact with aliens within 10 years. 13% are confident it will happen within 50 years and 26% say they know it will happen within 200 years, even if they’re not there to see it.

So what will the aliens be like?

44% of people say they’ll be “far more technologically advanced” than humans. 7% say they’ll be less advanced. 11% believe they’d come in peace. 9% believe they’d be hostile. 4% say they’ll look just like they do in the movies — green with large heads and eyes.



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