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A man in North Carolina named Jason Scott purchased a Maserati for more than $68,000 last November as a birthday present for his wife.

But the Maserati is now sitting in a police garage.

Jason bought the car from Carvana, and everything was fine until last month, when he took the car to a dealership to be serviced.

That’s when the technicians made a discovery:  The parts on the car didn’t match the year of the VIN numbers on the window and door.  Then they found a different VIN on the chassis.

That’s not good…

Carvana said it was a 2021 model, but it was actually a 2017 model.

Turns out the Maserati was reported STOLEN by its true owner last summer.

Jason was questioned by police, but was cleared after showing the paperwork from his purchase.

But authorities still had to impound the stolen car.

Jason called Carvana, and at first they were being difficult with him.

But, eventually, they agreed to refund all his money, and they offered him $1,000 for the hassle.

Jason says that’s not good enough. He’s demanding $1 MILLION for putting him through this chaos and hurting his reputation.


(You can hear more about his side of the story at

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