Local Oklahoma Representative Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot Hunting Season

Forget about whether it’s Duck Season or Wabbit Season!

Oklahoma State House of Representative Justin Humphrey (he’s from Lane, OK in case you’re wondering) just introduced House Bill 1648 to create an official Bigfoot hunting season in the Sooner state.

And, no, it’s not a joke.

Representative Humphrey wants the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission (OWCC) to, quote, “set annual season dates and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees.”

Sadly, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission isn’t hot on the idea, though.

A spokesperson said, quote, “Here at the department, we use science to make management decisions, and we do not recognize Bigfoot as a wildlife species.”

If the bill somehow manages to be passed, it would take effect on November 1st.

Humphrey represents District 19, which includes parts of Bryan County, Atoka County, Choctaw County & Pushmataha County in Southeastern Oklahoma. Which, interestingly, IS an area that is known for reported Bigfoot sightings. The town of Hanobia even hosts the annual Hanobia Bigfoot Festival.

I mean, is there a BETTER way to celebrate Bigfoot than to kill him?

Personally, I think this just seems like a great way for a bunch of really hairy dudes in the Mad Rock Nation to get shot.

Oklahoma Representative Justin Humphrey
Oklahoma State House Representative – District 19 – Justin Humphrey (R)


(Fox News)

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