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Jamie Lee Curtis speaks on ‘Halloween Kills’

Jamie Lee Curtis recently talked about ‘Halloween Kills’ and reveals details about Michael Myers.
Jamie said that the Michael Myers mask is from ‘Star Trek’. She said, “You know, it was in 1978, a William Shatner Star Trek mask that they spray painted white. They needed in March, in 1978, they needed a rubber mask of a human.”
She continued, “I think the fact that Michael Myers is this enigmatic, featureless human allows you to put into that anything you want to attribute to that the terrifies you.”
Jamie talked about the new movie and gave fans some insight on what to expect. She said, “In the ‘Halloween Kills’ movie the Strode family has come together. They are the warriors now for Laurie. Laurie is a wounded warrior, they are walking point for Laurie.”
What has been your favorite ‘Halloween’ movie?

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