It’s Officially Time to Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

It’s time to do something you probably forgot to do last year…or the year before…or, maybe, ever.

But yes, they claim it’s important.

As we head into the middle of spring, now is a good time to reverse the direction of your CEILING FANS.

The blades are tilted at an angle for a reason.

They should spin clockwise in the winter to pull colder air up from the floor.

That way it mixes with the warm air near the ceiling and keeps you warmer.

In spring and summer, they should spin counter-clockwise to push the air down, so it blows on you and keeps you cool.

If you’ve never changed them before, there’s usually a black switch on the side of the fixture.

Just clean the blades first, because they’re probably covered in dust, which will get EVERYWHERE when the fan switches directions.

Or, if you never changed them over for winter…congratulations, you’re already done!


(Spectrum News)

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