It’s National Tequila Day! Texas is one of the States that drinks it the most

It’s National Tequila Day #MadRockNation! Some states will be celebrating a little harder than others. Someone looked at buying habits in all 50 states, and ranked them according to how much tequila they drink each year. Here’s the Top 10:

1.  Nevada. The average person drinks 2.3 bottles of tequila a year. (although that number is probably a little bloated, because of tourists.)

2.  Colorado, 1.4 bottles.

3.  Arizona, 1.4.

4.  California, 1.3.

5.  Maryland, 1.2.

6.  Texas, 1.2.

7.  New Hampshire, 1.2.

8.  New Mexico, 1.1.

9.  Alaska, 1.1.

10.  Missouri and Hawaii tied at 0.8 bottles a year.

Pennsylvania drinks less tequila than any other state, just a quarter-bottle a year. The rest of the bottom five are West Virginia, Utah, Indiana, and Iowa.


(Source: Zippia)

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