It’s National Radio Day – Thanks for Listening #MadRockNation!

Today is National Radio Day, which is a very important holiday for all of us here at Mad Rock 102.5.

It’s also National Lemonade Day, which (despite how much we love lemonade) we feel is much less important…for obvious reasons.

Here are some results from a survey for National Radio Day that show just how much everyone loves us.

1.  More than two-thirds of people listen to the radio DAILY.

2.  Just about HALF of people like to sing along with the radio, with women much more likely to sing along than men.

3.  13% of people pick one radio station *cough* Mad Rock 102.5 *cough* and never change it, no matter what’s on.

4.  And one out of 10 people even have a favorite radio commercial.

Thanks for listening and being a part of the #MadRockNation!


(Source: National Today)

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