It’s National Pet Day! Here Are the Top 10 Most Popular Pets in the United States.

Today (4/11/22) is National Pet Day! A recent poll found dogs are the most popular pet in America.

According to the poll, the Top 10 most popular pets in the U.S. are:

  1. dogs
  2. cats
  3. fish
  4. birds
  5. hamsters, gerbils, and mice
  6. horses
  7. snakes
  8. guinea pigs
  9. lizards
  10. tarantulas (they got 1% of the vote)

The top ways we celebrate our pets on National Pet Day are by giving them a special treat or just telling them we love them.

10% of people even say their pet is their best friend.

One reason dogs are our favorite is we feel so connected to them.

A separate poll found over 70% of dog owners feel like they know what their dog is thinking at any given moment.

The survey also asked people to describe their dog in a single word.

The top ten words are: Loving . . . playful . . . intelligent . . . loyal . . . protective . . . gentle . . . affectionate . . . obedient . . . brave . . . and high-energy.


(National Today / SWNS)

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