It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! Here’s the Type of Cheese Texas, Oklahoma & Other States Are Oddly Obsessed With

Today – Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 – is National Cheese Lover’s Day!

A new study looked at the type of cheese each state googles more than average.

So, not necessarily the top-selling cheese in a state. Just the type of cheese people in each state are oddly obsessed with.

17 different types of cheese made the list, and soft cheeses did pretty well.

Here’s what the study found:

1.  Queso was the overall winner with eight states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and North Carolina.

2.  Cream cheese was next with six states: Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, South Carolina and Tennessee.

3.  Swiss cheese won four states (all in the Midwest): Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

4.  Velveeta was at the top for four states: Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Nebraska.

5.  Brie also won four states: California, New Hampshire, Virginia and Washington.

6.  Cotija cheese took the top spot in four states: Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and Oregon.

7.  American cheese was #1 in three states: Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island.

8.  Colby cheese won two states: North Dakota and West Virginia.

9.  Feta cheese was at the top in two states: Massachusetts and Vermont.

10.  Monterey Jack won two states: Missouri and Nevada.

11.  Mozzarella also won two states: New Jersey and New York.

12.  Parmesan cheese took the top spot in two states: Texas and Pennsylvania

13.  Pepperjack cheese was #1 in two states: Idaho and Louisiana

14.  String cheese got two states as well: South Dakota and Utah.

15.  Cottage cheese took the top spot in one state: Wyoming.

16.  Gouda also won one state: Alaska.

17.  Cheez Whiz was #1 in one state: Delaware (although does that really count as “cheese”).

Here’s a map of the results in all 50 states.



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