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It’s a Celebration of “Sick Perversions”……..

Alice Cooper stated in a 1973 interview with Creem Magazine that “the whole idea behind theĀ Billion Dollar Babies album was exploiting the idea that people do have sick perversions.” The title itself is a reference to the fact that the band were shocked at the success they had achieved. How could a band who just a few years before were living in someone’s basement, be the biggest band in the world all of the sudden? Billion Dollar Babies was at the time of it’s release the most successful Alice Cooper album, eventually landing at #1 on Billboard. Strong singles like the title cut (which features vocals by singer Donovan), “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “Elected” helped to make Billion Dollar Babies a huge commercial success. The album would, by 1986, be certified Platinum. Released on this date, February 25, 1973, Happy Birthday to Billion Dollar Babies.



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