It Takes 2 1/2 Years for Men to Admit They’re Balding

Guys, do you think it’s inevitable that you’ll go bald (or already are) or that you’ll keep your thick, shining locks forever?

A new study found that when a guy’s hair starts to thin out, he won’t admit it for an average of two-and-a-half years.

And close to 1 in 10 are in denial for a DECADE or more. Here are four more quick stats:

1.  The average guy who loses his hair starts thinning out at age 29. And 1 in 14 said they noticed it start to happen before their 21st birthday.

2.  73% said they’ve had someone TELL them they’re in denial about going bald. And most of those comments come from wives and girlfriends.

3.  Only 36% of guys who’ve lost some hair admit it upset them. 31% said it was annoying. And 22% said it made them angry.

4.  If you DID start losing your hair, how would you deal with it? Shaving your head was the #1 answer, followed by wearing more hats, and dying it to look thicker.


(Source: SWNS)

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