Is this REALLY what people in Texas, Oklahoma & other states will drink for New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Celebrations will be pretty different for a lot of people this year, with more of us just getting BLITZED at home.

So what will YOU be sipping in your living room when midnight hits?

A study looked at the most uniquely popular New Year’s drink in all 50 states, not including beer. So only wine, champagne, and cocktails were included. Here’s what they found…

1.  Champagne is the top drink in 21 states, including TEXAS, most of the East Coast & a lot of states out West. In Connecticut it’s Prosecco, which is basically the same thing.

2.  Frozen daiquiris are the top drink in five states: Maine, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Indiana.

3.  Amaretto sour got the top spot in four states: Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

4.  Vodka-cranberry is #1 in OKLAHOMA, Iowa, & Nebraska. Lemon drops are first in Arkansas & North Dakota. Palomas are first in Idaho & Oregon.

5.  12 states have a favorite drink that didn’t place first anywhere else:  In New Hampshire, margaritas; Utah, mimosas; Wisconsin, mulled wine; Hawaii, rum and Coke; Alaska, screwdrivers; Montana, tequila sunrise; Ohio, gin fizz; Vermont, whiskey sour; South Dakota, kamikazes; Wyoming, White Russians; Delaware, New Year’s Sparklers; and Louisiana, the sazerac (which is a cognac and absinthe drink that’s big in New Orleans and similar to an old fashioned.)



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