Is This Really How People in Texas, Oklahoma & the Other 48 States Like Their Eggs Cooked?

A new study looked at how America eats its eggs.

Researchers looked at all 50 states, and which ones love different egg-cooking methods more than other states.

Here are the results:

1.  Scrambled eggs got 18 states, including a huge swath of them across the South and Midwest.

2.  Sunny side up is next with 14 states, including some big ones — Texas, California, and New York.

3.  Over easy, eight states.  That’s where you cook both sides.  With sunny side up, you only cook the bottom.

4.  Poached eggs, also eight states.  They’re more popular in the north for some reason.

5.  Two states love soft-boiled eggs — Oklahoma and Illinois.

For whatever reason, people in Washington D.C. enjoy hard-boiled eggs more than the rest of the country.

(Here’s a map of all 50 states.)






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