Is the new Gillette TV commercial offensive?

The new TV commercial from Gillette, named “We Believe”, is causing quite a stir online. Over the course of the video it asks guys to help eliminate “toxic” masculinity (i.e. bullying, wrestling, sexual harassment & “mansplaining” clips are peppered throughout) by speaking up and taking action against it. And instead of using their “The Best a Man Can Get” tagline, it asks “Is this the best a man can get?”

They’ve even set up a website – in conjunction with the TV commercial.

Not surprisingly, the internet war was instant after the release of the video. You had those who thought a razor/shaving company went way too far…

…to competing brands trying to benefit from the faux outrage…

…to those who agreed with the message.

My questions – do YOU think this video is offensive? Why or why not? Also, will this impact if you purchase Gillette brand products moving forward?



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