In Texas & Oklahoma We’re Most Annoyed By Co-Workers Who Do These Things

If you like EVERYONE you work with, you’re either really, really lucky…or…you’re just lying to yourself.

Anew survey found 92% of us have at least ONE coworker we find annoying.

Here are the 10 most annoying behaviors:

1.  They’re too loud. Over 85% said loud coworkers are annoying. This was the most common answer in Texas.

2.  They gossip.

3.  They’re lazy.

4.  They’re bad at their job.

5.  Bad personal hygiene.

6.  They complain or whine too much.

7.  They’re too pessimistic, or have a bad attitude.

8.  They’re a know-it-all.

9.  They’re constantly late. Tardiness was the #1 answer in Oklahoma.

10.  They take too many sick days.

A few more from the top 20 include being messy, being too distracting, sending unnecessary emails, eating smelly food and over-sharing things about their personal life.

(Here’s a map of the most annoying behavior in each state.)






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