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How Long Has It Been Since You’ve Hugged Someone You Don’t Live With?

Have you hugged anyone you don’t live with since the whole coronavirus thing started? According to a new survey, about half of us have, and half of us haven’t.

47% of Americans say they haven’t hugged someone other than family or roommates in at least three months. That includes 9% of people who NEVER hug anyone, even before COVID-19 was a thing.

23% have hugged someone in the last week, 8% said one to two weeks ago,  7% said three to four weeks and 6% said a month or two. (Another 9% weren’t sure how long it’s been.)

Older people appear to be more open to hugging right now, even though they’re at a higher risk when it comes to the virus. A quarter of people over 55 have hugged someone in the last week, compared to 18% of adults between 18 and 24.

Not surprisingly, Democrats were significantly less likely to say they’ve hugged someone since the lockdown began. 39% compared to 57% of Republicans.


[Source: YouGov]

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