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How Do You Know If You Actually Bought Enough Halloween Candy?! Use This…

Are you concerned you didn’t buy enough candy to hand out this year to all the trick-or-treaters?! Worried your house is gonna get TP’d or egged because you ran out of fun-size snickers too early?

“Popular Mechanics” did a story on an overly complicated formula that tells you if you bought enough Halloween candy.

The formula is:  T times K times G . . . plus D times F times S . . . divided by 75.

Ewww….math….I know. But it will make sense.

Here’s what all that means:

“T” stands for the amount of “time” in hours that you plan to hand out candy.

“K” is the estimated number of “kids” per hour you expect to show up.

“G” stands for “generosity factor” or how many pieces you’ll give each kid.

“D” is the number of “days” you’ll have the candy. (Pretty sure that’s to factor in all the candy YOU’LL eat.)

“F” is the number of “family” members in your home. (Because they’ll eat some, too.)

“S” stands for “sneakiness level,” or the number of pieces your family will eat each day.

Then divide all of it by 75, which is the average number of fun-size candy bars in a bag.


Here’s an example of what someone might need:

3 hours X 70 kids an hour X 3 pieces of candy per kid = 630 pieces of candy.

But we’ve got three days until Halloween.

So take 3 days X let’s say 4 people in your household X 2 pieces of candy per person a day = 24 pieces of candy.

Add that to the first number, and you actually need 654 pieces of candy.

Divide that by 75, and you need about 9 bags of candy to get through Halloween.

But if that’s not enough, they added one more wrinkle.

If there’s rain in the forecast, divide the final number by 1.5, because you’ll need about a third less candy.


Got it? Or are you even more confused than before?


(Popular Mechanics)

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