You might individually drink lots of obscure and interesting craft beers, but as a population, we all gravitate toward the basics.

A new study found the most popular imported beer in every state. And for every single state in the United States, the result was one of these three beers:

  1. Corona
  2. Modelo
  3. Guinness

Corona was number one in 32 states – including Oklahoma.

Modelo was number one in 10 states – including Texas.

Guinness was number one in eight states.

The study also found what imported beer beyond those three is the most popular in every state, and that’s where there’s a lot of variety.

Some of the beers that came in fourth in different states are Dos Equis (for Texas), Heineken, Skol, Tsingtao, Mythos, Peroni, Carlsberg, and Pacifico. Kingfisher was Oklahoma’s choice.

(Here’s a map of the most popular imported beer in every state, and here’s one with the less common favorite in every state.)






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