Here’s the Most Popular Cocktail in Every State Right Now

We’ve already talked about the fact Americans are drinking way more now than before the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, it’s gotten to the point where we’ve started mixing up WHAT we’re drinking.

A new study looked at Google trends over the past 30 days to figure out what cocktail people in each state have been disproportionately searching for.

There are some popular drinks that come up in a bunch of states – like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and margaritas.

There are also a few that I’m not sure required Googling…like, did so many people in Missouri REALLY need to Google “gin and tonic” to find out the recipe?  The way to make it is IN THE NAME!

In Texas, the most searched for cocktail recipe was for the Paloma – a popular Tequila based drink (pretty sure Cinco de Mayo had something to do with this one). There are several variations. You can see recipes for it HERE, HERE & HERE.

For Oklahoma, the Black Russian takes the top spot. There aren’t too many different ways to make this cocktail – I mean, it’s Vodka & Kahlua (or Coffee Liqueur). Here are a few recipes – HERE, HERE & HERE.

And finally, a special shout-out to the people of Iowa, West Virginia, and Maryland who are looking to make Kamikazes.  That’s hardcore for home drinking.

Big Dave’s personal favorite cocktail – the Colorado Bulldog – a slight variation on the White Russian (which just so happens to also be the favorite beverage of The Dude from The Big Lebowski).


[Source: BroBible]

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