The National Toy Hall of Fame announced the three toys it will be inducting this year. And they are:

1.  Jenga.

2.  Sidewalk chalk.

3.  Baby Nancy.

If you aren’t as familiar with the last one, Baby Nancy was one of the first popular black dolls ever. It debuted in 1968 and the people behind the Hall of Fame say it made, quote, “commercial and cultural breakthroughs.”

There were nine other finalists that didn’t get enough votes from toy industry experts, historians, and the general public to make it into the Hall of Fame this year.

They were:  Bingo, Breyer Horses, Lite-Brite, He-Man action figures, My Little Pony, Risk, the game Sorry!, Tamagotchi and Yahtzee.

Better luck next year to what would have been MY first choice — He-Man & The Masters of the Universe!

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