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Help Mad Rock 102.5 Cure One Million Kids – World Concern

The solution is simple, and it costs just 44 cents.

Join the movement of Alpha Media listeners to cure 1 million children through the 44-Cent Cure!

Deworming medicine is one of the most cost-effective ways to fight poverty. Parasites cause pain, sickness, and malnourishment. But the cure is simple: deworming medicine and vitamin A restore a child to health. Healthy kids develop properly, and can attend school, helping break the cycle of poverty.

Your gift today will:

  1. Cure and care for children infected with parasites.
  2. Provide access to clean water to keep kids healthy.
  3. Improve sanitation and teach hygiene to prevent reinfection.

To donate, click on this link —



WINTER WEATHER: Closings & Delays – Friday, January 4th Thank you for your generosity during the 22nd Annual Bob Skaggs Memorial Food Drive!!! Mad Rock Asks You To Donate To Families Impacted By Hurricane Florence [Alpha Media Cares] Alpha Media / Texoma Medical Center JOB FAIR – 10/25 10am-2pm @ Texoma Event Center Donate Blood, Save Lives + Get A FREE Battle of the Axe T-Shirt!!! Listen for Special Independence Day Salutes on Mad Rock – July 1st-4th