Have You Ever Messed Up a Chore Just to Get Out of Doing It in the Future?

Good news if you’ve ever screwed up a chore on PURPOSE, just to get out of doing it in the future. You’re not the only one!

A new survey found one in four people have tried that trick, including 18% of women and 32% of men.

They also looked at how much of our life is spent cleaning, and found the average is 5 hours and 54 minutes a week – or almost one full day a month.

Here are five more quick stats:

1.  The chores people said take the longest are dusting and sweeping,  cleaning the bathroom, and doing laundry.

2.  80% agreed that men are doing more chores than they used to.

3.  69% said chores get in the way of spending quality time with their family.

4.  One in five said they’d rather have help with the laundry than be taken out on a date.

5.  The most common laundry disasters we experience are shrinking things, leaving a pen in a pocket, and mixing lights with darks.


(Source: NY Post)

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