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Handcuffed Man in OKC Steals ATV, Hits 70 MPH & Crashes into a Mud Puddle

We all know that ATV stands for “all-terrain vehicle” right?! Guess this guy forgot that, because he opted to stay ON-road and it didn’t end well…

Cops in Oklahoma City were transporting a guy named Lucas Strider to jail on Tuesday for allegedly stealing copper & catalytic converters off people’s cars.

And, somehow, he got away from them.

Lucas managed to open a cop car door, and ran into the woods.

Then he came across someone’s four-wheeler and stole it.

Cops chased him as he blew through stop signs, and hit speeds of over 70 miles an hour.

Now, remember, he managed to do all this still HANDCUFFED!

KFOR-TV (Channel 4 in OKC) – covered it live, and one anchor was amazed that four-wheelers can even go that fast.

Lucas eventually got to a spot where the paved road turned into a dirt road, where a cop was parked in the middle blocking him.

So he tried to go around their car and crashed into a big mud puddle.

The ATV tipped, so he landed in the mud.

Then he immediately just gave himself up. That’s probably the ONE smart thing he did during this whole ordeal.

(Here’s his mugshot. has the full video.)






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