A quick reminder that what people SAY and DO are often two totally different things. A 60-year-old guy named Allen Burnett got caught with drugs Thursday night, while wearing a bright purple t-shirt that said, “I’m TOO GOOD for Drugs.”

He got arrested for METH near his home in Ashville, Alabama, about 45 miles outside Birmingham.

They charged him with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. And he was still in the t-shirt when his mugshot was taken. (Here’s Allen’s mugshot.)

It’s the first time we’ve seen this specific t-shirt in a mugshot.

But, we’ve seen other people get busted for drugs in shirts that said “I Love Crystal Meth” and, quote, “Who Needs Drugs?  No Seriously, I Have Drugs.”

Also, at least two different people got busted for drugs while wearing “D.A.R.E.” t-shirts, just last year alone.


(The Smoking Gun)


BONUS: Top 7 Quotes Criminals Should Never Have On Their T-Shirts

  1. Who Wants Heroin?
  2. My Other Car is Stolen.
  3. You Won’t BELIEVE What’s Up My Butt Right Now!
  4. “Oink, Oink” Goes the Cop.
  5. World’s Greatest Dad and Money Launderer.
  6. Follow Me for Fresh Organs!
  7. #DrunkButStillDriving



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