Guy Tells Cops His Meth Is Actually Epsom Salt to Treat His Ingrown Toenail

This guy definitely came up with a unique tale to tell the cops. Gotta give him some credit for his improv skills!

A 47-year-old guy named John Combs from West Monroe, Louisiana was stopped by police walking down the middle of a road with a large stick at 4:25 A.M. on Tuesday.

The cop patted him down for other weapons, and found a plastic Walmart bag in his pocket with some kind of clear, crystal powder in it.

John told the officer it wasn’t drugs, it was really an epsom salt treatment for his out of control ingrown toenail.

Unfortunately for him, the cops had the powder tested and…it turned out to be meth.

John was arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Nice try John, nice try.

(Here’s John’s mugshot.)


(The Smoking Gun




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