Of course there are many others, but these were just a few of my personal favorites. Feel free to add a comment with your favorites too! Happy St. Patty’s Day.

“May You Be In Heaven Before The Devil Knows Your Dead”

Thin Lizzy

No list of Irish artists is complete without the greatness of Thin Lizzy.


Again, a list of Irish acts without U2 is not complete.

Mama’s Boys

Not as well known as some, this trio of brothers were amazing musicians and skilled songwriters who never saw the international success they probably deserved.


Not familiar with Therapy? Not sure what’s up with all the question marks? It’s all in the name. Therapy? were a big part of the 90’s international underground rock scene that gave birth to Grunge and 90’s Alt Rock.

Irish Guitarist Gary Moore is a true blues rock master. Need proof? Here you go…




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