Four Words and Phrases That Could Damage Your Career

The things you say at work could be sabotaging your career. And no, we’re not just talking about the time you accidentally called your boss, “Mom.”

A public speaking expert named John Bowe just shared these four words and phrases that might make people at work think you’re IMMATURE, which could have a legit negative effect on your career. Check ’em out:

1.  Filler words.  When you are always saying “um,” “ahh,” like,” “you know,” and other filler words, it can be a problem.  Doing it once in a while is natural . . . but if you’re using them so much people notice the pattern, that’s bad.

2.  Business jargon.  When you use business clichés, it will come off as forced . . . it won’t make you look smart or more professional.  Words like “circle back,” “bandwidth,” and “synergy” will probably backfire on you.

3.  Asides.  If you’re giving a presentation or speaking at a meeting, straying off topic too much comes off unprofessional.  So you should avoid saying thing like, “Sorry, I don’t have the data, I’ve been traveling” or making off-topic jokes.

4.  Hedging words.  You want to seem reasonable and not offend people . . . but when you hedge your opinions with words like “kind of,” “I guess,” “just,” or even “I think,” it shows a lack of confidence and maturity.



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