When I was a kid, it was the early days of HBO, Showtime and the dawn of the Beta and VHS craze. My dad was always falling into some kind of “deal”. He always “had a guy” you know what I mean. One day he comes home with a Beta Max machine and a literal television box FULL of tapes. Buried beneath all the crappy love stories and the B-Movie schlock was one tape that would become a staple. Mad Max. Set in Australia in “the future”, Mad Max is a violent journey into the collapse of society as a whole. The film focuses on an out of control cop (Mel Gibson) at war with a dangerous, unhinged motorcycle gang. The gang kills Max’s family, sending him into a downward spiral. He takes a car from the garage and sets out to avenge the death of his wife and son.

That is where the legendary “Pursuit Special” comes into play. If you were like my brother and I, the “Pursuit Special” was everything! That heavily armored, blacked out beast of a car was a symbol of everything Mad Max stood for! When I was 10 I told my dad that it would be my car when I got my license. It of course was not. But now, 40 some odd years later, owning it is an actual possibility……BUT for someone far more financially sound than myself. Based on an XB-series 1973 Ford Falcon GT coupe sold in Australia and currently housed in The Orlando Auto Museum, it is up for sale to the highest bidder. Check it out.


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