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Drug Dealer Sold Marijuana from Vending Machine at His House

This takes self-serve to a whole new level!  A drug dealer in Detroit is facing charges after he installed an illegal marijuana VENDING MACHINE on the side of his own house.

Instead of being sneaky, people could just walk up to his house and buy weed themselves. Police say he was making around $2,000 a DAY with it.

You’d think something that bold wouldn’t last long. But police believe he may have installed it FOUR YEARS ago.

The vending machine took credit cards, and even accepted Apple Pay.

Federal agents got a tip about it, and used the machine to collect evidence in February and March.

The guy they arrested is named Marcellus Cornwell, and he was allegedly selling illegal GUNS too.

They found several pounds of marijuana, and also seized 18 firearms, including a sawed-off shotgun.

He’s facing felony charges.

(Here’s a photo, and here’s his mugshot.)


(Detroit Free Press / WJBK / AP)


BONUS: Top 5 Items Found in a Marijuana Vending Machine

  1. Milk Buds.
  2. REALLY Baked Lay’s.
  3. Hashy’s Kisses.
  4. Double Puffed Oreos.
  5. Funyuns.



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