Do you watch videos or listen to music while you’re on the toilet?

Today (11/19/21) is World Toilet Day, and here’s a really random stat for you — in a recent poll, 12% of men admit to watching MOVIES while on the toilet.

That’s more than DOUBLE the number of women who watch movies on the toilet.

I assume this is on a mobile device, although if you do it regularly, maybe you have a more elaborate set-up.

In the poll, these movies were described as “guilty pleasures” with cheesy action scenes and slapstick comedy.

It’s unclear how many people watch FULL movies in the bathroom.


BONUS: The Top 8 Amazing Toilet Statistics

  1. 43% of married couples consider divorce when they find out too late that their spouse left them no toilet paper.
  2. 45% of people think the toilet is where you can find Nic Cage’s career.
  3. 64% of the magazines next to your grandpa’s toilet are “Golf Digest”.
  4. 73% of Germans use their toilet to film NSFW videos.
  5. 59% of toilets at Chipotle are currently EPA Superfund Clean-up Sites.
  6. 38% of us emit a high-pitched squeal when we sit on that cold toilet seat first thing in the morning.
  7. 55% of our dads use the toilet with the door open.
  8. 100% of Southerners’ favorite all-time singers were found dead on a toilet.


(The Mirror)

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