Do You Follow The “Smart Drinker” Method?

If you’re being smart, you might try to ease into a night when you know you’ll be having multiple drinks, and think, “Okay, I just have to pace myself.”

Then, almost immediately after that, your “pace” goes off the rails, right?!

In a survey of people 21 and over, 52% consider themselves “smart drinkers” – meaning they think they’ve mastered the art of knowing WHAT and HOW MUCH to drink.

Generally speaking, here’s what they suggest:

Most “smart drinkers” pace themselves at about two drinks per hour, and they typically choose “low-volume alcoholic beverages.”

“Smart drinkers” typically eat a meal before drinking and also make sure they DON’T mix different types of alcohol.


(Study Finds)


BONUS: Top Ways to Be a “Smart Drinker”

  • Never accept a cocktail from Bill Cosby.
  • Switch to water once your liver begins to whimper.
  • If you take a swing at a biker, DON’T MISS.
  • Stop playing darts when you start seeing double.
  • Try not to be bummed out by the person staring back at you in the mirrored bar.
  • Unplug the jukebox when you hear the opening cords of “Achy Breaky Heart”.
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