Do April Fools’ Day Pranks Amuse or Annoy You?

There’s A LOT of distrust in the air today —- because it’s April Fools’ Day!

Since last year’s mischief was definitely tame because of the pandemic, do people have prank energy built up that they’re ready to release today?

A new survey asked people if they think April Fools pranks are funny or annoying.

Well, people are actually pretty split.

Overall, 45% of people say they’re “more amusing” and 47% say they’re “more annoying.”

The only age group where more people say they’re funny than annoying is people under 30.

The survey also found 59% of people say they don’t like when someone pulls pranks on them, but 46% of people like playing pranks on other people.

Yep – we like to dish it out, but don’t like to take it.

43% of people say they usually don’t like it when companies pull their corporate-approved April Fools’ pranks. Only 35% of people say they usually like those.

Another survey asked people how they react when someone pulls a prank on them.

Here are the six typical reactions:

  1. Smile and say, “That was a good one” – 45% of people do this.
  2. Prank them back, 31%.
  3. Get mad but get over it, 10%.
  4. Keep a poker face and don’t give them the satisfaction of a reaction, 7%.
  5. Get quietly furious, 5%.
  6. End the relationship with that person and never talk to them again, 2%.

That survey also found the five people we’re most likely to pull a prank on for April Fools’ Day are:

  1. Our spouse or significant other
  2. A friend
  3. One of our kids
  4. A coworker
  5. Our mom


(YouGov / YouGovNational Today)

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