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Listen, Text & Win $1,000 During Mad Rock’s $4K A Day Giveaway – brought to you by Good Earth Soil & Materials

We’re giving you a chance to win $1,000 FOUR times a day! Yep – the Mad Rock “$4K A Day” Giveaway – presented by Good Earth Soil and Materials in Sherman – is here!

Every weekday between Monday, March 19th and Friday, April 13th we’re giving away $4,000 cash…$4,000 smackers…$4,000 bones…$4,000 simoleons…we’re talking some major moolah, my friend!

Here’s how it works –

FOUR times a day (Monday-Friday) – at 8am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm – we’ll announce the Mad Rock $4K A Day Giveaway “Keyword”. After you hear us announce that “Keyword” you have ONE HOUR to text it (make sure you spell it correctly) to 67760*. Be sure to save that number in your phone NOW – 67760!

If you’re selected as the winner, someone from the radio station will give you a call. And we can’t tell you how SUPER IMPORTANT it is that you answer that call (it will be a number you don’t recognize) and don’t let it go to voicemail.


Because if you let our call go to your voicemail, we’re not gonna leave you a message, we’ll just call you dirty names in our head and move on to other people who will actually answer their phone! You’ve been warned…

Don’t be the person who misses out on winning $1,000 because you don’t answer your phone (yes, we’ve had that happen before).

Listen – Text – WIN CASH!

*Text & Data Rates Apply


Official Mad Rock $4K A Day Giveaway Contest Rules Can Be Found At: OFFICIAL RULES


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