During the making of “Tommy Boy” 25 years ago, DAVID SPADE and CHRIS FARLEY got into a massive fight over one of their co-stars: ROB LOWE.

On Rob’s podcast, David explained that they didn’t get time off from “Saturday Night Live” to make the movie, so they spent a lot of time flying back and forth between Toronto and New York, and it wrecked them.

They were burned out, spending all their time together, and fighting like an old married couple.

One day they showed up in Toronto at 1:00 A.M. for a 6:00 A.M. shoot. Farley wasn’t feeling well, so he decided to crash.

But David didn’t need a rest, so instead he called Rob, and they had a drink at the hotel bar.

The next day Farley was fuming that they didn’t call him.

He confronted David and said, “How was your night?  How was Rob Lowe? How’s your precious [effing] Rob Lowe?”

And they got into an argument over it.

Later, David was sitting on the ground eating a tuna sandwich, and Chris came over and stood on David’s hand and the sandwich.

David responded by throwing a Diet Coke on him, then Chris pushed David down a small set of steps.

They were so mad at each other that they couldn’t even work together that day, and Farley randomly tackled a crew member just to get out some of his anger.

Obviously, they didn’t stay mad at each other, and David says, quote, “Look, we had a blast. All my memories of ‘Tommy Boy’ were fun.”

(WARNING:  The podcast contains profanity.  Here’s a print roundup.)

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