Chick-fil-A in Sherman is Closing*

Horrible news for those of you who just have to get your daily fix of chicken, biscuits & other deliciousness from Chick-fil-A in Sherman every morning. Owner Rob Medders has announced the Sherman location is closing!!!!


OK…calm down. Take a deep breath. Once you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock of this announcement, sit down and relax. The closing is only temporary.

They’re in the middle of renovations of their drive-thru, dining room and their kitchen – so it was decided to temporarily close the restaurant to get the work done as quickly as possible. They will close around 2pm this Thursday (July 21, 2016). The work is expected to take about 5 weeks.

Medders says you can keep up with the progress on the restaurant’s Facebook Page.

So, be sure to go by this morning, Wednesday or Thursday and stock up on your favorites…


(Photo Courtesy of Jay Reed)





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