Call or text Big Dave on his new MetroPCS Hotline

This week the Herald Democrat published a story with a complete list of the new city-owned cell phone #’s for all the Sherman city council members. And that got me thinking…why shouldn’t Mad Rock listeners be able to contact me at any time, just like they can their elected city officials?

So, with some help from my friends at MetroPCS, I am happy to unveil what I’m calling “Big Dave’s MetroPCS Hotline” – the number is 469-685-2497. It’s a number you can use to call or text me directly at any time, instead of only being able to reach me in the studio during the 5:30am-9am hours of the Mad Rock Morning Show.

Am I taking a risk sharing a mobile number where you can contact me 24/7? Maybe. I might get a few inappropriate pics sent my way or have to listen to a voicemail from someone who’s not a big fan or upset because we played too much of a band they don’t like or not enough of a band they love. But, I’m a big boy (literally) and pretty sure I can handle it.

What kinds of calls or texts am I hoping to get on “Big Dave’s MetroPCS Hotline” exactly? A few things that come to mind:

  • Special birthday/anniversary requests to use on air (send a day or two in advance, please)
  • Traffic accident info/pics
  • Severe weather updates/pics
  • Song requests
  • News tips
  • Businesses/Organizations listening to Mad Rock (I might mention it on the air)
  • Families listening to Mad Rock
  • Parties/events where you’re listening to Mad Rock
  • Lake Texoma updates/pics
  • Questions about Mad Rock contests
  • Questions about Mad Rock live broadcasts

Of course, that’s not a comprehensive list, just a few ideas to get the most out of the hotline. I don’t care if you just call or text to say hello or to share how much you enjoy listening to Mad Rock everyday.

Keep in mind, the MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy S7 phone I’m using for “Big Dave’s MetroPCS Hotline” is always turned down. It’s very unlikely I’ll answer the phone if you call. I’m wanting you to leave me voicemails and send texts. And just to be clear – by sending me a text or leaving a voicemail, you give me permission to use your name, voice and/or any pics or info submitted on the air and on social media.



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