Bright Family (2022)

Bright Family

Family recently relocated to a new home due to previous house having repair issues that the landlord couldn’t repair. There was a water main brake and a lot of household items were damaged in 2 feet of standing water. Mom says the kiddos could all use tooth brushes, shower stuff and stuff for their rooms. They all love to do family movie night so candies and snacks would be loved.

Girl 13

CLOTHING: Size 24/30 in pants and a kids size small in shirts. She wears a 7/7.5 shoe. INTERESTS: Loves all things anime, mostly Ouran High School Host Club and is teaching herself Japanese. She loves mangas, décor, and genshin impact which is a game.She loves to read Sasaki and Miyano chapter books and history books about the world and things like that.

Girl 9

CLOTHING: Size 10 in pants and a size 10 in shirts. Wears a size 1 in shoes INTERESTS: Loves volleyball and softball, aliens, stuffed animals and anything related to art and art supplies.

Boy 8

CLOTHING: Boys size 7/8 clothes and a 1 in shoes INTERESTS: Anything action figures (loves the villians in movies), he loves video games and has a Nintendo Switch, he likes the game Cuphead and anything with Among Us characters

Boy 6

CLOTHING: Boys size 7 and a 1 in shoes INTERESTS: Loves Sonic the Hedgehog and anything Nascar especially Chase Elliot. He loves all things sports especially baseball and football and enjoys reading Dogman and Catkid Adventure Books.

Girl 3

CLOTHING: Childrens size 5 in clothes and a size 9 shoe INTERESTS: Anything with baby dolls and clothes for them, stuffed animals and loves Bluey, she loves to read and enjoys books that have tons of pictures in them.


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