On Feb 22 1986,  Ozzy Osbourne released The Ultimate Sin. Originally titled Killer of Giants after the albums 9 minute anti war ballad, it was Osbourne’s 4th studio album since leaving Black Sabbath. Fans had waited 3 years for another studio album and Ozzy did not disappoint, delivering arguably one of his career best. In truth, Ozzy was not around when the initial recording of the record took place, he was in fact finishing up a stint in the Betty Ford Clinic for alcohol and drug abuse. After returning from rehab to begin work on his part of the album (which was largely already written by guitarist Jake E. Lee and bassist Bob Daisley) the drama had already begun. Contract disputes and growing tensions over song writing credit marred the recording of the album from the very beginning. The contentious relationship between Jake E Lee and Sharon Osbourne had come to a head, and problems began to surface between Osbourne and bassist Bob Daisley. Daisley would eventually be let go and replaced by bassist Phil Soussan, only to be brought back later to help write lyrics, as he had done since the band’s inception. The albums biggest hit, “Shot in the Dark” was actually co-written by Soussan and was originally intended for his own band. Somehow, through all of the drama, the album was completed and unleashed on the world. The Ultimate Sin reached #6 on the Billboard top 200 album charts and was certified platinum by years end. The subsequent tour with then newcomers Metallica (who had just released Master of Puppets), would prove to be one of the biggest selling tours of the era. Sharon Osbourne would later (according to Lee)  fire guitarist Jake E Lee via a telegram with no reason for the dismissal listed.


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