Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets Of Knowledge For Your Noggin’ – (6/14/22)

Here are Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ on this Tuesday – June 14th, 2022. Let’s learn something together:

  1. Roughly 33% of cats are not affected by catnip.  The “euphoric reaction” commonly associated with catnip is hereditary.
  2. The longest number one hit ever was “American Pie” from 1972 by Don McLean, at eight minutes and 37 seconds.  Until last year.  Then it became “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift.  It’s 10 minutes and 13 seconds.
  3. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans . . . they’re a seed that people just call “beans.”
  4. Yellow armadillos in Brazil have sex while they’re running.
  5. There’s a Guinness World Record for “loudest penis.”  And the record holder is a tiny water insect in Europe called Micronecta Scholtzi. They hit their two-millimeter junk against their abdomen to attract females, and the sound is 99.2 decibels . . . which is the equivalent of an entire orchestra.

Be sure to share one or more of these 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ with your family, friends & coworkers at some point today!


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