Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets Of Knowledge For Your Noggin’ – (5/16/24)

Here are Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ – on this Thursday, May 16th, 2024. Let’s learn something together:

  1. In 2005, 20.9% of Americans smoked cigarettes.  That’s roughly 21 in 100 people.  Now, it’s 11.5%, or less than 12 in 100 people.  That breaks down as 13.1% of men, and 10.1% of women.
  2. Nepal is the only country with a flag that’s not a rectangle . . . it’s two overlapping triangles.
  3. There are actually four verses to the “Star-Spangled Banner”, and the third mentions killing the slaves who fought for the British against the United States in the War of 1812, in exchange for their freedom.
  4. Easter Island got its name because a Dutch explorer landed there on Easter Sunday in 1722.
  5. There are seven countries in Europe that are smaller than Rhode Island: Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Malta, Andorra, and Luxembourg.

Be sure to share these 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ with your family, friends & coworkers at some point today!


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