Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets Of Knowledge For Your Noggin’ – (12/29/22)
Dave Hilton

Here are Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ on this Thursday – December 29th, 2022. Let’s learn something together:

  1. The reason the majority of police uniforms are blue is because after the Civil War, there was a surplus of blue Army uniforms which were repurposed for police departments.  And the color stuck.
  2. There are nine states with more cows than people:  Idaho . . . Iowa . . . Kansas . . . Montana . . . Nebraska . . . North Dakota . . . Oklahoma . . . South Dakota . . . and Wyoming.
  3. Sprint’s name was originally an acronym for Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Networking Telecommunications.
  4. Chumbawamba holds the world record for longest album title.  They released an album in 2008 that has a title that’s 865 characters long.  But it’s usually just referred to by the five words at the beginning:  “The Boy Bands Have Won”.
  5. “Beauty and the Beast” was the first animated movie to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture when it got one in 1992.  “Up” was the second animated movie to get nominated, in 2009 . . . and “Toy Story 3” was the third and last in 2010.

Be sure to share these 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ with your family, friends & coworkers at some point today!


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