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Beans or NO Beans? Here are some National Chili Day stats!

Today is National Chili Day!

Here in the Lone Star State, people take their chili VERY seriously.

For example, unlike the rest of the United States, in Texas there are absolutely, positively NO BEANS ALLOWED in chili!

But why?

In his 2001 article, Texas Chili, Beans or No Beans and Food Prejudices, John Raven explains, “when we say chili, we really mean¬†chile con carne, which means, literally, chile peppers with meat.”

Ah, now I get it.

Interested in some additional reading about the history of chili in Texas? I recommend these articles:

There Are No Beans in Real Chili: Just Ask a Texan


Now, on to some more interesting tidbits about chili.

Check out these National Chili Day stats as you enjoy a delicious bowl of beanless Texas chili today:

  • 10% of people say they have a secret chili recipe and they’ll never share it with anyone.
  • 68% of people say they LOVE chili and another 27% like it.¬† Which means only 5% dislike it.
  • The five most popular toppings or side dishes with chili are cheese, crackers, cornbread, sour cream and tortilla chips (perhaps you have some left over from yesterday).
  • 26% of people like their chili as spicy as possible.
  • 14% admit that chili gives them GAS.


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