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Are You Strong To The Finish, ‘Cause You Eat Your Spinach?! Happy National Spinach Day (March 26th)

If you’re over the age of 40 & someone mentions spinach – chances are the FIRST thing you think of is Popeye.

Doesn’t matter whether you like the green, leafy vegetable or not…once you get that theme song stuck in your head, it just won’t go away.

You’re welcome.

Today, Friday, March 26th is National Spinach Day.

The good thing is, the different ways you can use spinach has changed A LOT since I was a kid. My parents idea of serving spinach was just cutting open a can of soggy, wet spinach, pouring it in a pan & heating it up on the stove. Nothing quite like that smell.

But, I was a weird kid. I’ve always liked spinach. Yes, even the canned variety.

Of course, now, I prefer spinach in other forms.

My favorite way to eat my spinach, even though it’s not the healthiest option, is the Santa Fe Spinach Dip from Cheddar’s or one of the other spinach artichoke dips you typically find at restaurants!

But, there are a ton of other ways to eat spinach – like on pizza, enchiladas, omelettes, sandwiches, pasta, stuffed chicken, soups, casseroles, roasted potatoes & more.

In fact, check out Taste of Home’s list of “95 Ways to Use Up a Bag of Fresh Spinach” for other ideas to incorporate spinach in your meals.


So, I admit, I don’t eat as much spinach as I should. And, apparently, I’m missing out on some major health benefits…


And, I can’t end this post without offering a quick lesson on Spinach from the Sailor Man himself, Popeye…



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