Pretty much everyone has a favorite war movie. The website put together its list of the Best War Movies of All Time.

Now, the one thing that surprises me about this list is that not a single one of John Wayne’s war movies is included in the top 10! How do you make a list of the best war movies of all time & not include The Duke at least once in the Top 10?!

So, is your favorite war movie on the list?

Here’s the top 10:

1.  “Saving Private Ryan”,  1998

2.  “Full Metal Jacket”,  1987

3.  “Platoon”,  1986

4.  “Apocalypse Now”,  1979

5.  “The Bridge On The River Kwai”,  1957

6.  “Das Boot”,  1981

7.  “Black Hawk Down”,  2001

8.  “The Great Escape”,  1963

9.  “Where Eagles Dare”,  1968

10.  “1917”,  2019


(Check out the rest of the list here.)

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