Are The Texas Rangers One of the Most or Least Valuable MLB Teams?

“Forbes” has compiled their annual list of the most valuable franchises in Major League Baseball.

The list is based on things like revenue earned from ticket sales and TV deals, player salaries, operating costs, and a bunch of other factors.

This year, the New York Yankees are #1 again. “Forbes” has released this list for 24 years, and the Yankees have topped it EVERY YEAR.

The five most valuable baseball franchises are:

1.  New York Yankees, $5.3 billion

2.  Los Angeles Dodgers, $3.6 billion

3.  Boston Red Sox, $3.5 billion

4.  Chicago Cubs, $3.4 billion

5.  San Francisco Giants, $3.2 billion


And the five LEAST valuable are:

1.  Miami Marlins, $990 million – the only team that hasn’t cracked a billion.

2.  Tampa Bay Rays, $1.055 billion

3.  Kansas City Royals, $1.06 billion

4.  Cincinnati Reds, $1.09 billion

5.  Oakland Athletics, $1.1 billion


The Texas Rangers are all the way down at #13 on the list – with a valuation of $1.785 billion. And, to make that sting a bit more, the Houston Astros are at #12 with their $1.87 billion valuation. Ouch!

Most teams (probably all of them, really) suffered huge operating losses last season thanks to COVID-19. For example, the New York Mets had an operating loss of $125 million last season.

And yet in October, the team was purchased for $2.42 billion, within 1% of “Forbes'” pre-pandemic valuation. It was also a record sale amount for a baseball team. So nobody’s hurting. At least at the top.

But it was still rough.  “Forbes” says MLB’s 30 teams lost $1.8 billion last year, compared to a profit of $1.5 billion in 2019.  Things should rebound this year – if vaccinations and other precautions keep COVID-19 at bay.

(Hit up to see the full list.)

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