If you’re wondering if AC/DC are ever going to run out of material, Angus Young can confirm that they are not.
On the Let There Be Talk podcast, Young revealed that there is a stockpile of material. Some of the material even dates back more than a decade.“A lot of these songs came from when we were going to do the [2008] album Black Ice,” Young said. “Malcolm and me had a lot of years when the two of us would just be in a little studio, just working away all the time … “
As far as music getting scrapped, Young says his brother was confident in everything getting used, saying, “’No. We’ll get ‘em later. Don’t worry.’ He always said, ‘Nothing goes to waste with us. If we’ve got a good idea, we’re gonna use it.’”
AC/DC’s new album POWER UP is out November 13th.


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