All Aboard (Before The Heartland Flyer Goes Away)

I’ve had the opportunity to ride aboard Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer (runs from Ft. Worth to OKC) a few years ago and I had a BLAST! Comfy chairs, not having to worry about drivers on the road, a separate food car – some classic, old-school transportation.

But, the Heartland Flyer is in trouble. Why? Because Amtrak says the State of Oklahoma, more specifically the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), is not paying their fair share. According to KXII, budget woes in the Sooner State have resulted in ODOT only paying $2.85 Million of their $3.3 Million share of the costs to operate it.

So, if Oklahoma can’t find the additional funds somewhere, will Amtrak adjust the Heartland Flyer to just go from Ft. Worth to Gainesville or just stop running completely? That would be a shame.



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